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Due to the Overwhelming Demand, another Compliance Officer training has been added !! Don't piece together information from seminars. Register today and learn how to develop and implement a compliance program or HIPAA program. At the end of the elearning sessions, you will be ready to function an a Compliance Officer and/or HIPAA Officer.

Compliance Officer Training - March 11, 2019
     Compliance Officer Training - January 14th 2019- Started
                HIPAA Officer Training - April 8th 2019
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Both e-learning classes will prepare a Compliance Officer and /or HIPAA Officer to develop and implement a program and create the necessary documentation per regulations. It provides the skill-sets to be an effective Compliance or HIPAA Officer.

Each week a module will be emailed to you containing practical guidance and information about government expectations, responsibilities, operating with an effective compliance program and audit protocols. 

You can complete the e-learning module at your convenience. 
A weekly question period will be available to you while the material is fresh in your mind. 

To Register - click on the Order Form selection in the left column. 
 Fax to:   716-402-5570
Upon registering, you will receive confirmation of enrollment and a syllabus to describe the weekly objectives.                                 

Each e-learning session is $3500.00
Length of e-Learning program - 8 weeks
Course Instructor: Donna Wypych MHA CEO

Donna Wypych is the CEO of Health Care Program Design.
 Education - Masters Health Services Administration
                    BS Social Sciences
                   Certification -Health Care Management 

Donna Wypych has over 25 years experience in the healthcare industry when she  established Health Care Program Design LLC in 2005.  During the course of her career, Donna Wypych has successfully developed and implemented Compliance and HIPAA programs for Providers and Business Associates to lower their risk of potential fines, Corporate Integrity Agreements, Resolution Agreements and/or loss of licensure. 

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